Geotechnical Drilling White Kitchen What is Geotechnical Exploration?

Geotechnical exploration is one form of geotechnical drilling. White Kitchen, Louisiana area oil companies, natural gas companies and mining companies may turn to a geotechnical drilling firm for help with geotechnical exploration in a particular area.

How Are Gas, Oil and Mineral Deposits Identified With Geotechnical Drilling?

White Kitchen natives may be wondering, “What is geotechnical exploration and why is it performed?”

Well, generally speaking, the geotechnical drilling crews will transport portable drilling rigs to the site in question and they will drill down into the earth, extracting samples that provide insight into what lies beneath the surface. When performing geotechnical drilling, White Kitchen clients can expect that a number of different procedures may be performed, including rock coring, sampling, in-situ testing and beyond. Experienced engineers and core sample analysts can evaluate the samples to gain lots of insight about the site.

Multiple drilling sites are typically selected to provide information on the size and location of the gas, oil or mineral deposit. Additional tests, such as ground penetrating radar or test wells may be utilized to explore the site further. The initial site investigation typically begins with an exploration with geotechnical drilling.

White Kitchen natives may also use geotechnical exploration to learn more about the site’s geology and history. This can be important for scientific studies, which are sometimes commissioned as part of an energy company’s efforts to identify oil or gas deposits. It may also be possible to evaluate the deposits, determining the quality and composition. This information is important when determining if a site is suitable for a more permanent drilling rig, well or mine. Extracting minerals, oil or natural gas can be a costly and technically complex project, so companies work hard to ensure that a particular site is worth their investment in terms of money, time and effort.

It’s also fairly common for a geotechnical drilling firm to perform a similar site investigation for an area that is being considered for a new structure. This helps to ensure both the structure’s safety and integrity.

Notably, the Gulf Coast area is among the most challenging areas of the nation for geotechnical exploration and geotechnical drilling. This is due to the fact that areas of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and even Texas are often the site of soft bedrock and soft, sandy soil which is prone to shifting, settling and movement.

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