Geotechnical Drilling Jacksonville What Happens if You Find a Potential Sinkhole During Geotechnical Drilling?

Jacksonville clients often wonder what happens if one of our geotechnical drilling crews encounters signs of an underground void, which could potentially be the site of a future sinkhole if that void were to collapse. Well, there are a number of different measures that you can take if our drilling experts encounter a potential sinkhole site.

What Can I Do if You Find a Sinkhole Danger Zone via Geotechnical Drilling?

Jacksonville property owners are immediately notified if we discover evidence of a potential sinkhole site. In virtually all cases, additional investigation is required in order to evaluate the size, depth and approximate dimensions of the underground void. This may entail some additional drilling, which can provide greater insight into the size and location of the void.

It’s also possible to use other techniques, such as ground penetrating radar, which is used just like aerial radar, except it evaluates the various densities at different depths in the ground. Ground penetrating radar can be used to determine the precise size and dimensions of the underground void.

Sinkhole remediation experts will evaluate the underground cavity, considering factors such as its depth, the size and the risk of collapse. The nature, size, location and overall integrity of the overlying structures will also be evaluated.

Once a void is located and evaluated, there are a few courses of action. One option is to simply monitor the void, looking for signs of progression toward a collapse into a sinkhole. It’s also possible to fill the potential sinkhole site with cement, thereby making it impossible for the void to collapse. One or more holes are drilled into the void and tubes are extended down and into the cavity, which is then pumped full of cement. Of course, the voids can be extremely large, so it’s not always practical or possible to pursue this option. We are the number one geotechnical drilling company in Florida. Contact us today and see how we can help you with all of your geotechnical drilling needs.

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