Geotechnical Drilling Franklin Town How Can You Evaluate Ground Contamination with Geotechnical Drilling?

Franklin Town clients can turn to an experienced geotechnical drilling firm like Amdrill, Inc. for assistance in extracting soil samples that can be used to determine the extent and nature of contamination. Soil contamination can arise as the result of many different situations. The contamination may occur at the ground level, sinking down into the earth as the rain water draws it downward.

Soil contamination can also arise from an underground source, such as a buried storage tank, which could leak its contents into the surrounding earth over the course of weeks, months or years. But geotechnical drilling can provide a lot of useful insight that can guide your soil contamination cleanup efforts.

How Do You Gain Insight into Contamination With Geotechnical Drilling?

Franklin Town property owners can gain some important insight into the nature and extent of soil contamination through geotechnical drilling, which can be used to extract core samples. Core samples are collected in a tube of sorts, which captures a vertical column of earth. This core sample is then extracted from the earth and sent out for analysis.

Core samples can be evaluated for contamination, including the type of the contamination, the degree of contamination, the depth of the contamination and the geographical area that’s affected by the contamination. Based on this information, the property owner can devise a plan to clean up the contaminated soil.

The drilling experts can extract core samples from various locations throughout the site in question, providing a snapshot of the contaminated area. This can guide the clean-up efforts by providing insight into where and how deep they need to dig to extract the contaminated soil.

When hiring a firm to perform geotechnical drilling, Franklin Town property owners will need to provide information on the exact area to be investigated. The size of the area and the depth of the drilling operation will determine the timeframe and the cost for the project. But determining the exact location, depth and severity of the soil contamination can be critical for ensuring a prompt and effective clean-up operation.

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