Geotechnical Drilling Fruit Cave What is Environmental Geotechnical Drilling?

Fruit Cave, Louisiana geotechnical drilling projects often involve environmental investigation, which is important for a range of different projects, including contamination investigations and scientific studies by geologists and natural history experts.

Geotechnical drilling can reveal a lot of important information, using methods such as rock coring, soil sample extraction, in-site testing and beyond.

What are the Uses for Environmental Geotechnical Drilling?

Fruit Cave area natives may call upon an environmental drilling team to assist with an investigation into an area that is believed to be contaminated and/or polluted. Contaminants can spread throughout the soil and other underground structures with surprising ease, especially if the area has underground water flows. This has the potential to lead to extensive groundwater contamination.

Geotechnical drilling can be used to identify the precise extent of contamination and pollution, while also providing insight into the degree of environmental damage that has resulted from the contaminants. Additionally, the data gleaned from an environmental drilling venture can also be used to help craft an effective contamination remediation plan, to clean up and/or contain the contaminants (depending upon the precise nature of the contaminants and the ground composition.)

Once the nature and extent of the pollution or contamination is identified, a plan can be developed to correct the problem. In some cases, the contaminated earth may be removed and carted away to a safe disposal location. In other situations, membranes and other dividers can be used to contain the contaminants to a particular location so they do not spread.

Geologists and other scientists who are studying natural history may seek to gain information and insight from an environmental drilling venture. An expert can gather a lot of useful data from rock, mineral, gas, oil and soil samples that can be extracted from the earth.

Environmental drilling can also be used in cold, arctic locations to extract ice core samples. These ice cores can contain a wealth of information about the climate and environment in bygone eras. Scientists can use these ice core samples to learn more about past climate shifts, geological events such as volcano eruptions and even what plants and animals happened to live in a particular region at a specific point in time. This work is usually performed by a firm that specializes in environmental geotechnical drilling. Fruit Cave, of course, is located in a warm, sub-tropical region, so this type of work is not performed locally.

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