Geotechnical Drilling Belle Chasse The Advantages of Using Geotechnical Drilling

Belle Chasse, Louisiana developers and even homeowners can benefit from turning to an expert geotechnical drilling contractor to help evaluate a site where you’re planning to build a new structure or suspect that there is an underlying problem such as a void that could collapse into a sinkhole.

So what is geotechnical drilling? Belle Chasse drilling contractors use portable drilling rigs which are transported to the site to drill into the earth at strategic locations (which will vary depending upon the nature of the project and the type of info that you’re seeking.) Core samples are typically extracted from the ground. These vertical columns of ground are located within a large tube that is pulled out of the earth and sent out for testing to evaluate the composition, the size and location of the different layers, the amount of water content in the soil, the density of the earth layers and bedrock and the overall integrity and suitability of the location for the building project that’s planned for the site.

During the drilling procedure, it’s possible that an underground void could be detected, signaling the site that could be the location of a future sinkhole if the conditions deteriorate to the point where a collapse occurs.

The timeframe and expense associated with geotechnical drilling does vary quite a bit depending upon the size of the area that’s being analyzed, the number of core samples and drilling sites that are required, the density of the ground and the depth of the drilling.

Why Should I Hire a Contractor to Perform Geotechnical Drilling?

Belle Chasse clients can gain lots of insight and important data from geotechnical drilling.

In addition, Louisiana is perched atop limestone bedrock. Limestone is a very soft stone that can dissolve when it’s exposed to acids that are naturally found in groundwater. The result may be the formation of a large underground cavity that can ultimately collapse, swallowing homes, cars and even people.

With the help of an expert in geotechnical drilling, Belle Chasse property owners and developers can get a better idea of the stability and integrity of a building site or the site of a current structure. It’s also key for identifying areas that could have underground voids that are at risk of collapse. Through sinkhole remediation, these voids can be filled with cement, preventing a catastrophic collapse. Long metal rods can also be drilled into the bedrock, with the other end secured to the building’s foundation to offer support even if the ground gives way.

Overall, geotechnical drilling is a minimally invasive and cost effective option for evaluating a site of a current home or structure or a future building.

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