Geotechnical Drilling St. Johns Where Can You Perform Geotechnical Drilling?

Geotechnical drilling technicians in St. Johns are dispatched to a wide variety of different locations and really, when it comes down to it, there are very few locations that are off-limits to an experienced, highly trained team of drilling technicians.

So when it comes to the question of where you can perform geotechnical drilling, St. Johns technicians with our firm would provide a short answer “virtually anywhere!”

Where is it Possible to Perform Geotechnical Drilling?

St. Johns geotechnical drilling technicians are accustomed to drilling in some tight spaces. When most people think of a drilling project, they usually envision an oil drilling rig in a field in Texas or one of the ocean oil drilling rigs located offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the reality is that Amdrill’s experienced and highly trained techs are often faced with some very challenging drilling projects, especially in a city or suburban environment in St. Johns and the surrounding region.

Our team has drilled inside large buildings, such as warehouses or large garages. We have some fairly compact drilling rigs that even allow us to drill inside commercial structures. This may be done to evaluate the stability of the underlying ground, particularly in an area that has seen some unexplained ground shifting.

Something as simple as a fence or a narrow space between two buildings can also pose a challenge as many drilling rigs are vehicle-mounted. Amdrill has several truck-mounted drilling rigs on vehicles of varying sizes. But in addition, we also have rigs on other vehicles, including ATVs and small vehicles with a track system, similar to what you would see on snow mobile or military tank. These different vehicles allow us to access drilling sites that are impossible to reach with a truck or on foot.

We even have amphibious vehicles and boat and barge-mounted drilling rigs for marine drilling and drilling in wetlands and other hard to access environments. This is ideal for those who are seeking to learn more about the ground composition in a remote area. We even have a remote controlled bot vehicle that lets us access and drill in areas that are challenging to access on these other vehicles.

There are many different sizes of portable drilling rigs and different drill bits. The nature of your project will dictate which will best serve you. The various rigs can drill to varying depths, creating holes of different diameters.

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