Geotechnical Drilling Poydras What Should I Expect If I Hire a Firm to Perform Geotechnical Drilling?

Poydras, Louisiana is a popular location for new building projects both residential, commercial and even industrial in nature. But some projects require a bit of investigation into the integrity and quality of the earth at the location. This is where you can benefit from calling in a company to perform geotechnical drilling.

an overview of Geotechnical Drilling

Poydras developers and property owners alike can benefit from the information and insight gained from the geotechnical drilling procedure. Geotechnical drilling involves the extraction of core samples, which are vertical columns of soil and stone that are extracted in a large tube that’s pulled out of the ground and sent out for analysis. The analysts will make note of many different features and properties of the core sample, including the moisture content, the depth and composition of the different ground layers, the depth of the bedrock, the quality and integrity of the bedrock and the location and presence of any underground voids.

In Louisiana, the ground quality can be rather poor in some areas, making geotechnical drilling an important method for obtaining vital info about a site’s safety and overall suitability for a new building project or even for evaluating the safety of a current home or other building. Louisiana’s soil is quite sandy so it lacks the integrity and solidity of the more clay-rich soils. This means that the suitability of the location must be carefully evaluated prior to building a large structure. The structure’s plans may be altered to accommodate the site or a new site may need to be located for the building project.

In addition, Louisiana is located atop a bedrock that’s made of limestone. Limestone is a soft stone that can dissolve when exposed to acids. Acids can be present in groundwater and in acid rain water that seeps down through the layers. Ultimately, this can cause the limestone bedrock to dissolve and erode, resulting in the formation of a void or cavity that may ultimately collapse. The result is a sinkhole, which can swallow entire city blocks and homes, resulting in property destruction, injury or even death. But this is where you can benefit from geotechnical drilling. Poydras developers and homeowners can hire a drilling team to extract cores from the location, identifying the location of any underground cavities and voids. Once discovered, the underground void can be filled with cement to prevent collapse, or a sinkhole remediation crew can undertake other measures to secure any existing buildings and reduce the chances of a catastrophic collapse.

Poydras geotechnical drilling experts will use portable rigs that are set up to extract core samples from strategic locations throughout the property.

The timeframe and cost will vary depending upon numerous factors, including the number of drilling locations, the depth of the drilling and the size of the site.

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