Geotechnical Drilling Montgomery What Unique Considerations are required in Montgomery County for Geotechnical Drilling?

Geotechnical drilling efforts in Montgomery, Alabama  may be undertaken to evaluate a possible building site, to look for contamination, to evaluate the integrity of a levee or to perform some other sort of geological investigation.

The state capital, Montgomery has some very unique conditions as there are three different geological zones in the immediate area. This means you need an experienced expert technician for your geotechnical drilling to ensure that your project is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Montgomery, Alabama is situated in Montgomery County, which is home to two geological zones: Blackland Prairie and coastal plain. The latter is heavily dominated by marine and fluvial sediments that are intermingled with a clay and loam-rich subsoil and surface layer which makes for some moderately challenging drilling projects.

On the other hand, Alabama’s Blackland Prairie region has dark topsoil that contains acid marine clay and Selma chalk, atop a yellow colored subsoil layer. This area is known for its poor drainage, its acidic soil and high clay content, which tends to crack and shrink during the dry winter season, while expanding and softening in the wet summer months.

On the northern border of Montgomery County is a major flood plain and terrace area, with lands that have been impacted and transformed by the streams and rivers that cross through this region. The streams bring alluvium deposits and generally speaking, a high ground water content.

Due to the differences in soil types and terrain, you need a geotechnical drilling company with lots of experience in performing drilling operations in a vast range of different environments. At Amdrill, we have a wide variety of different drilling rigs and vehicles that allow us to access even the most difficult to access locations, from wetlands and marine drilling environments, to steep hillsides, remote forested regions and beyond.

It’s important to trust your project to a company that has knowledge of the local region and has the right equipment to drill in that region, while extracting the samples or obtaining the data and insight that you require. We work with clients who need help with a variety of different projects, including core sample extraction, evaluating the underlying bedrock for stability and integrity, evaluating the ground composition, density and water composition.

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