Geotechnical Drilling Lake Hart Do I really need to perform geotechnical drilling?

Lake Hart geotechnical drilling technicians can help you gain a lot of insight into what lies beneath your feet. This is especially true for developers who retain the services of a geotechnical drilling firm on a relatively regular basis.

Geotechnical drilling can come with a significant price tag, depending upon the extent and nature of the geotechnical investigation that’s being performed. So how do you justify this line item to your clients? Well, by fully understanding the benefits of geotechnical drilling, Lake Hart developers can offer a compelling argument that will enable them to secure the necessary funding form the client or investors.

A Look at Why Developers Need Geotechnical Drilling

Lake Hart geotechnical drilling crews can help you learn a lot of insight into the nature of a potential building site. In fact, in some regions, and for some projects, geotechnical drilling efforts are actually required in order to obtain a building permit. In other cases, the geotechnical drilling operation may be required indirectly, as you may need to perform a site investigation with soil and bedrock analysis – something that is best done with a drilling operation.

While some drilling rigs are quite large and take the better part of a day or even longer to get set-up on the site, others smaller drilling rigs – better known as augers – can be operated and relocated by a single person. There are also mobile drilling rigs, which are mounted on vehicles or on portable trailers.

Geotechnical drilling is used to perform a few basic tasks, including:

  • Gathering soil samples
  • Gathering rock and bedrock samples
  • Evaluating ground composition
  • Evaluating ground stability and strength
  • Identifying potential problem areas such as underground voids that may collapse into a sinkhole

In the case of a building project, it’s typical to perform drilling at various locations, particularly locations for the structure’s foundation, structural supports and caissons. If you were to dig into the ground in a bad location or if you were to place the structure in a bad location, the ground could collapse or sink, resulting in major structural damage either during the construction process or potentially, several years down the road. This could lead to major construction delays, the loss of the structure or costly retrofitting.

Lake hart geotechnical drilling workers may also be used to identify underground deposits of resources such as water, oil and natural gas.

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