'>Geotechnical Drilling Carroll wood What's the Process for Geotechnical Drilling?

Carroll wood property owners and developers alike may turn to a geotechnical drilling service provider to obtain essential information about the earth underlying a proposed building site.

Geotechnical drilling provides you with a cost-efficient solution for evaluating the composition and integrity of the soil and stone so developers and builders can accurately determine what measures will be necessary to ensure that the new structure will be built on solid, stable ground.

The Advantages of Geotechnical Drilling

Carroll wood geotechnical drilling experts will use a portable drilling rig which bores down into the earth, extracting a long vertical tube of soil and stone, called a core sample. Core samples are extracted from various areas on the site to paint a more complete view of the underground geology.

Once the core samples are extracted, they’re sent out to a laboratory for evaluation and testing. The analysts will look at numerous traits and properties of the cores, beginning with the composition and depth of each layer. The lab technicians will also evaluate the moisture content, compaction, permeability, density and the quality and condition of the stone or bedrock samples.

The objective is to determine whether there are any risks at the site, ranging from a high potential for liquefaction, poor compaction that can result in instability or even a sinkhole risk. In fact, geotechnical drilling can reveal the presence of underground voids that may collapse into a sinkhole. Florida is especially prone to these sinkholes due to the limestone bedrock, which is prone to dissolving when it’s exposed to acid, which can come from acid rain or rain water percolating through the sandy soil overlaying the bedrock.

If a void is discovered, sinkhole remediation efforts can be undertaken. Concrete can be pumped into the cavity, preventing a collapse.

What are the Advantages of Geotechnical Drilling?

Carroll wood geotechnical drilling services are very important for developers, who may need to call in engineers to determine the best course of action to ensure that the structure and the underlying ground is stable. Engineers may alter the building plans or reinforce the structure to avoid damage or degradation over time.

In some cases, an entirely new site may need to be found for a particular building project if the ground is simply too unstable to proceed.

Geotechnical drilling offers a cost effective option for evaluating the earth. Another option that may be pursued is called ground penetrating radar, which bounces waves off the different layers in the ground, painting a digital picture of the various densities at different depths. This approach can be utilized to create a more detailed view of the underground geology, while geotechnical drilling provides more of a “spot test” at various locations throughout the site.

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